Thursday, September 07, 2006

BlogCamp - Indias Biggest Blogging Unconference

Finally, Indian bloggers are getting into the groove with its rising impetus in the blogging arena.

BlogCamp is going to be Indias biggest and most comprehensive blogging event ever conducted. The event that is to be held in Chennai on the 10th of September and it sure has gained a lot of attention by now.

You can look forward to see the blogging success stories, blogging expiriences and the spirit of blogging. Of course, this is not just a technical jargon speech - its an unconference. Its going to be a mixture of workshops, practical demos, presentations, interactive quizzes, lectures, debates, group discussions and of course games.

Grab a peek at - and although I wont be able to make it, be sure that you be there. I am sure its gonna be cool.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

XBox 360 to be launched in India in Sept 06

For all you gaming freaks, Microsoft has announced that the XBOX 360 will be available in India from 23rd of Setp 06.

Cant wait to lay my hands on one :)



Bajaj Pulsar - Copied

Just bumped on this news sometime ago and was surprised by how non-innovative the Chinese can be. In another cases of copying and cheap re makes, they have lifted one of the most popular Indian bikes - The Baja Pulsar.

The Chinese have simply copied the entire bike and even the name is quite similar (Gosh! they couldnt even think on that). This new Chinese bike, being marketed in the Latin America is called the "Gulsar".

Obviously a violation of the IPR, Bajaj is taking this up with the Indian Ministry of Commerce for IP rights violation.

As the Chinese go, this isn't definitely the first time that they have done that. But what hurts here is Bajaj Pulsar's growing popularity in the Latin American market.

Click here for more on this.