Monday, August 07, 2006

A Mystical Journey Called India

One of my collegues fwded this link to me. This is a gallery of photographs captured from various parts of India. Aptly titled - "A Mystical Journey Called India".
The photographer has done a truely brilliant job at portraying all the aspects of my country.
These are truely mystic. For a very long time, I was hoping that someone would portray a "true" picture of India. It is no longer a land of tigers and snake charmers. Neither is it a land of the poor. Our country is definitely a flourising economy and definitely more than what people just assume it to be.
This collection I would say is truely a marvel. It captures not just the essence of India but also a country on its path to modernisation. The beautiful landscapes of North India (Manali , Rohtang, The Ganges) are just as enchanting as are the the cityscapes of Mumbai (some of you might know it as Bombay). Definitely a 10/10 for this one. A marvellous job.


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