Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reversing Diabetis

I was going through a couple of videos online on google videos and I came across this one which I thought was worth propogating.

This video talks about how an institute in Arizona has successfully reversed diabetis for people. And that only in 30 days WITHOUT MEDICATION. All was achieved with the right diet and (I think) with right excercise.

I think thats really a cool thing and really worth spreading a word about. With all the lifestyles that we lead today, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep this epidemic away. And as we go ahead with it, the age at which people catch this is decreasing day by day.
I am sure this can help a lot of people get out of the dependancy on insulin medication.

These guys have a web site here for further information -

Pass on the word. Help cure diabetes.

--Sanket Bakshi


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